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As COVID-19 continues to spread in Massachusetts, we at BMS PAPER are making sure we are doing everything to help our participants, employees and their families safe. The current measures we are taking are in accordance with CDC guidelines.

We have enhanced our cleaning efforts by increasing our cleaning staff, increasing team cleans and conducting high-touch-cleaning across our facility to reduce the risk of any seasonal virus spreading. 


This includes disinfecting surfaces, thoroughly cleaning door knobs, tables,  and any high-traffic objects. We have increased the number of disinfectant dispensers and wipes throughout the facility and are encouraging everyone to wash their hands and refrain from touching their faces during activity.

We want to remind you that if you are feeling sick, or if you have come in contact with anyone potentially exposed to the virus, please stay home. Those most susceptible to the virus are the elderly and people with pre-existing conditions.   


 For the latest updates on the coronavirus in Massachusetts, Click Here

What you should know from the CDC.

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