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For a superior solution to offering buffet-style service on a shoestring budget, turn to this disposable chafer stand! This inexpensive alternative to conventional chafer stands features a versatile silver coloring and contemporary wire design for a modern look at any event. It's perfect for weddings, receptions, parties, and other outdoor catered events where the expense of traditional chafer stands simply isn't feasible, but chafer service is none-the-less desired. 

The convenience of disposability that comes with this chafer stand shouldn't be overlooked! Imagine the labor savings you'll experience by simply tossing this away at the end of the event. For ease of transport to and from your buffet line, this chafer stand is designed with two built-in handles that ensure a sturdy grip. Also built into this chafer stand is support for 2 fuel canisters and enough room to hold a full size steam table pan or a disposable aluminum equivalent. 

This chafer stand is your one-stop solution to elegant catering with the convenience of disposability. Dress up the wire frame by donning your buffet tables with elegant table covers and other embellishments, or add a rustic touch with wood accents, handwritten signage, and other unique accents.

Econo Chafing Dish

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